The current issue of Marina Dock Age (MDA) focuses on the topic of working with nature. In the article “PIANC and Corps Advocate for Sustainable Marina Planning,” ATM’s associate principal, Esteban Biondi, explains how the working with nature concept can be employed in the marina planning process, shares case studies and discusses comprehensive sustainability trends. His approach to sustainable marina design has evolved over his almost two decades of practice with ATM, and is also informing his activity in PIANC. He contributes to the advancement and application of this topic through his roles as chair of RecCom, chair of the PIANC Working Group on Marina Sustainability, instructor of PIANC marina design courses, and as jury member of the PIANC Working with Nature Award.  The MDA article was inspired by the special session that he promoted as part of the IMBC 2020 conference design track. The organizer of the session was Dr. Burton Suedel, PhD, member of the ERDC Environmental Laboratory, and part of the leadership team of the USACE Engineering with Nature initiative.

The article begins on page 6 at this link: