ATM is proud to share that we were included in three papers in PIANC Congress in Panama.  If you are interested in obtaining a copy of these papers, all abstracts can be downloaded either by topic or by author or you may contact Esteban Biondi at

The Book of Abstracts of the 34th PIANC World Congress in Panama is now available on the PIANC website at

Relevance of the Panama Canal in the Recreational Navigation Business

Ricardo Ungo 1, Esteban Biondi 2, Rigoberto Delgado 1, Robert Semmes 2

             1 Autoridad del Canal de Panama, Panama, 2 Applied Technology & Management, Inc, United States

Marina Management in the Natural Resources Program: The US Army Corps of Engineers Case Study

Wen-Huei Chang 1, Esteban Biondi 2

         1 US Army Corps of Engineers, United States, 2 Applied Technology & Management, United States

Marinas Working with Nature [WG 148] : The PIANC Philosophy and Experience in Latin America and the Caribbean

Esteban Biondi, Applied Technology & Management, Inc, United States