ATM is one of four firms working with Carnival Cruise Line in East Grand Bahama on its cruise port to relocate and transplant coral reefs to help protect the ecosystem. The cruise line selected ATM because of its familiarity with conditions at the site.

In 2019, ATM and CSA, Inc. prepared a benthic study, which “examines organisms that make up bottom communities in lakes, oceans and streams to determine environmental health and conduct environmental impact studies.” The team also developed an environmental management plan (EMP), which Carnival is working through. “The EMP provides the outline of Carnival’s commitment to the environment and its commitment to developing and operating the port in the highest environmental stewardship as possible.”

The cruise line is excited to begin phase one of this project, which is “maritime conditioning in preparation for dredging and starting the cruise pier,” and expressed full confidence in the team of experts supporting them. Carnival’s Vice President of Port Destination Development and Operations, David Candib, told Grand Bahama News, “The team of experts are experienced and will ensure minimal damage to the environment,” he said.

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