Esteban Biondi, a Principal Consultant at ATM, a Geosyntec company, recently published a retrospective of his work on marinas entitled “Evolving Design Over the Decades” in Marina World Magazine. In this article, Esteban, who is based in Florida but works on projects around the globe, captures three decades of trends, observations, and milestones.

Estaban has more than 29 years of experience working in the field of sustainable marinas and coastal resilient design. He uses engineering and environmental tools to design large and complex marinas, urban waterfronts, cruise destinations, and coastal development projects worldwide.

Published six times a year, Marina World focuses on geographical trends, new marina developments, and a broad range of topics essential to designing, maintaining, and managing a functional modern marina. The magazine targets marina planners, owners, managers and developers; equipment suppliers; industry associations; worldwide municipal authorities; and marina service providers.


This article explores trends, observations, and milestones throughout the last thirty years of marina planning, design, and construction work. The author includes projects that are particularly illustrative to trace the evolution of the field. The article begins with a summary of where the industry stood in the 1990s and details forces—regulatory, financial, and climate-related—that changed the standard of practice. Developments in the early 2000s included the rise of luxury yachting and marinas integrated into complex real estate projects. Since then, important issues have included incorporating new design standards, adding methods to complete large projects with increasingly tight timelines, and addressing sustainability issues.

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