Heidi Anderson, PE, (South Carolina) will serve as a panelist at the session “Beneficial Use of Dredged Material: Habitat Creation Case Studies in the Southeastern United States” on April 27 at 8:30 a.m. EST at the PIANC (The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure) America 2023 Conference and Biennial Technical Visit in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This year’s conference theme is “Sustaining Ports, Waterways, and Marinas through Climate Change.” The conference takes place April 24 through April 27, 2023.

A Professional Engineer with ATM, Heidi provides technical project engineering and project management assistance on waterfront and coastal projects. She has comprehensive knowledge of all phases of waterfront projects from initiation through construction. She specializes in marina feasibility studies, marina design, technical engineering drawings, cost estimation, and regulatory permitting. Her experience on coastal projects includes design of coastal structures, wave attenuation feasibility studies, numerical wave modeling, field data collection, statistical analysis, shoreline erosion assessments, and coastal conditions analysis.

At PIANC America 2023, hundreds of industry leaders will convene to discuss topics related to sustaining ports, waterways, and marinas through a changing climate. in conjunction with the conference, PIANC is hosting young professionals during its Biennial Technical Visit, which features local maritime and waterborne transport infrastructure, as well as networking events.

PIANC is a global organization that provides guidance and technical advice for sustainable waterborne transport infrastructure to ports, marinas, and waterways. PIANC was established in 1885 and is comprised of governments, private sector companies, academics, and individual professionals.

More Information:

About the conference: https://www.piancamerica2023.org/

About PIANC: https://www.pianc.org/

For consultation regarding coastal engineering and waterfront development, contact Heidi at heidi.anderson@appliedtm.com.

Learn more about Heidi: https://www.linkedin.com/in/h-anderson/