Ports & Coastal Engineers | Geotechnical Engineers

Environmental Engineers | Marine Structural Engineers

Ports, harbours, marinas, waterfronts, and coastal resilience projects across the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Clients turn to us to support iconic and sustainable waterfront design as well as heavy civil marine infrastructure:

  • Commercial ports and harbours
  • Unique and state-of-the-art marinas
  • Large cruise terminals
  • Signature waterfront developments
  • Reclaimed landmasses

Excellence in marine engineering in the Middle East

With operations in the Middle East since 2005 and more than 60 local staff, ATM has supported some of the largest and most iconic marine projects in the region. Clients turn to us for technical excellence, flexibility, and timely delivery of uniquely Middle Eastern projects. We support them by leading marine and coastal engineering studies, creating innovative designs, and supervising construction.

Clients across the Middle East turn to ATM for our comprehensive marine and environmental services:

  • Geotechnical and geological analysis, modelling, and engineering
  • Marine-structure design and engineering
  • Planning and design of ports and marine terminals
  • Sediment-transport and sedimentation expertise
  • Innovative marinas, superyacht facilities, and drystack storage
  • Environmental impact assessment, marine-habitat analysis
  • Beach design and coastal resilience and risk assessment
  • Dredging and reclamation of islands and other landmasses
  • Stormwater management and design
  • Sea intakes and outfalls for desalination plants and other facilities
  • Flushing and water-quality modelling and consulting
  • Numerical modelling, metocean studies, and coastal studies
  • Peer review and value engineering of marine structures, coastal developments, and maritime infrastructure
  • Conceptual master plans and region-specific market services
  • Design, tender, and construction supervision
  • Giga-project strategy: markets, feasibility, infrastructure, environment, regulatory frameworks, journey mapping, design and implementation

Middle East Leadership

David Canfield, PE

Dave Canfield is a Senior Principal Engineer based in Dubai with more than 20 years of experience focused on marina, coastal, and infrastructure projects in the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia.

Bernardo Caldas

Bernardo Caldas is a Senior Principal Engineer based in Dubai with more than 24 years of experience focused on maritime studies, coastal and marine structures, beaches, and port terminals.