Port Royal Marina Design and Development Underway – Grey Ghost Properties LLC Hires Applied Technology and Management  (ATM) and Begins Planning Stages for Groundbreaking New Marina

By: Ed Modzelewski, ATM and Chris Butler, Butler Marine

Port Royal, South Carolina – Grey Ghost Properties LLC has begun the planning and design stages for a major marina development along one of the deepest natural harbors on the Eastern Seaboard.  The marina which will be constructed in Battery Creek within sight of the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW), will be an integral part of the development of the former South Carolina Ports Authority lands which will also include deep-water waterfront homes, townhomes, restaurants, and retail facilities.

Managing Director Chris Butler, and his partners, have contracted ATM and its Marine Division to conduct a coastal conditions analysis, marina market study, economic model, engineering details, and marina design.  Grey Ghost currently holds federal and state permits to construct up to 250 slips at the site. The studies will provide details on the current market for permanent boat slips and demand for transient use, as well as a capital expenditure plan for phased development of the marina over a 10-year horizon.  The goal of this approach is to ensure that the marina development is financially successful by addressing the current and future needs of local and regional boaters as well as the larger yachts traversing the Intracoastal Waterway, (ICW).

“We’re very excited to have ATM moving forward on this project,” says Butler. “With their local connection and world-wide reputation, it was a natural fit.”

ATM has been involved with the planning and construction of more than 700 marinas worldwide over the last 33 years and have been successful in designing marinas as part of the redevelopment of urban waterfronts throughout the US, including the Charleston City Marina.

Ed Modzelewski, Chairman and Founder of ATM, resides in Beaufort County and has been involved with the Port Royal Property for many years. ATM previously completed a feasibility study for transient berthing of large vessels (Mega Yachts) traveling along the ICW and the Atlantic route.

“We are pleased to be part of the Port Royal team and to see that the Partners are using a development strategy that will add long term value to this waterfront property,” says Modzelewski. “It will enhance the overall value of the Town of Port Royal and Beaufort County. I am looking forward to all of it coming together and becoming a desired destination for tourists, pedestrians, boats and yachts.”

The detailed Marina Feasibility Report will serve as a guidance document and road map for phased development of dockage and marina upland support facilities, such as fuel service and supplies.  The marina plans will include ways to integrate it into the upland marina village; maximizing public use as a destination along Battery Creek, Port Royal, South Carolina.

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