Project Overview

ATM has provided comprehensive statewide total maximum daily load (TMDL), basin management action plan (BMAP), water quality, and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) support services to FDOT since 2009.

Services Rendered

  • Statewide Asset Management System
  • Asset Maintenance Standards
  • Stormwater Monitoring
  • Stormwater Management Plan
  • Technical Support Services


ATM provides representation and advocacy throughout all phases of TMDL and BMAP development and implementation. Tasks include review of supporting data for proposed water quality impairments, technical review and critique of models and other methodologies used by federal and state agencies to develop TMDLs, advocacy and oversight throughout BMAP development and implementation, and analyses of fiscal impacts of TMDL load reductions. ATM submits detailed comments to agencies on proposed listings, TMDLs and BMAPs.

In support of FDOT’s MS4 program, ATM developed a Statewide Stormwater Management Plan that outlines specific requirements to meet the components of the Phase I permit requirements. Additionally, ATM supported the development of Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE) and Spill Prevention and Response training videos FDOT uses to train staff and contractors and satisfy Phase I permit training requirements.

ATM is developing a statewide database for stormwater assets (SAMS) using FDOT’s current ESRI online GIS system. SAMS will promote statewide consistency in management of stormwater facilities.

ATM is developing uniform standards of stormwater asset maintenance for use by both FDOT staff and contractors. Assets include wet detention structures, dry retention structures, exfiltration trench/French drain systems, pollution control boxes, stormwater pump stations, and major stormwater outfalls/canals.