Project Overview

As part of a multidisciplinary team, ATM provided waterfront planning, engineering, design, and construction administration services for the redevelopment of a municipal seaplane base and marina.

Services Rendered

  • Waterfront Facility Planning
  • Waterfront Engineering
  • Wind/Wave/Surge Estimates
  • Floating Dock and Marina Utilities Design
  • Plans and Specifications
  • Construction Administration
  • Basin Flushing Analysis and Modeling


Located on the Harris Chain of Lakes in Tavares, Florida, the existing seaplane base and marina were destroyed during the 2016 hurricanes. ATM performed waterfront facility planning, wind/wave/surge estimates, dock and marina utilities plans and specifications preparation, and construction administration and engineering review.

Seaplanes require special design considerations:

  • Different float shape than boat hull – fendering
  • Require lower freeboard
  • Overhead and tail clearance restrictions – no piles, utility heights and setbacks, walking clearance from wings
  • Require additional room for steering and maneuvering
  • No ability to go in reverse
  • Different/separate fuel