Project Overview

As part of a multidisciplinary team, ATM provided engineering design services to restore approximately 3.7 miles of KSC beaches and sand dunes on an accelerated schedule.

Services Rendered

  • Post-Storm Beach and Dune Assessment
  • SBEACH Cross-Shore Modeling
  • Beach and Dune Design
  • Plans and Specifications
  • Construction Phase Support


ATM assessed the post-Hurricane Matthew (2016) dune conditions, developed a dune design, prepared drawings and specifications, and provided construction administration services. ATM performed SBEACH numerical modeling, volumetric analyses, and 3-D surface analyses of the post-Hurricane Matthew conditions to develop the dune placement design. The dune restoration is along 3.7 miles of NASA’s shoreline repairing the dune breach and reinforcing the current dunes to withstand a significant storm while minimizing impacts to wetlands within the dune strand.

In addition to dune design, the project required significant consultation regarding regulated and listed species including turtles, beach mice and gopher tortoise. The project also included removal of derelict railroad infrastructure within the limits of the dune design. 

ATM prepared the construction drawings and specifications for the project to NASA design standards. The specifications address sand quality issues and establish performance criteria for the uses of multiple (upland) sand mines as source material.  In total the project includes dune construction over 3.6 miles with an approximate volume of 400,000 cubic yards of beach compatible material at a cost of $8.4M.

During the construction phase, ATM provided additional design engineering services for V74-V78 that included SBEACH modeling, construction drawing revisions, and attending review meetings/site visits.