Project Overview

NASA/KSC participated in a previous preliminary vulnerability assessment that focused on climate change. ATM’s infrastructure study advanced that preliminary assessment to provide a more detailed analysis from an engineering perspective and to develop a standardized process for assessing vulnerabilities due to climate change.

Services Rendered

  • Coastal Vulnerability Assessment
  • Analysis of Coastal Storm Surge and Sea Level Rise
  • GIS-Based Inundation Maps
  • Project Prioritization/Ranking


ATM conducted a desktop study to determine the vulnerability of 30 critical infrastructure facilities to future flood risks associated with coastal storm surge and sea level rise. ATM produced GIS-based inundation maps using existing LiDAR topography, FEMA 100-year surge levels, and NOAA- predicted sea level rise projections for three different time horizons: 2029, 2059, and 2089.

ATM created digital GIS layers of inundation vulnerability and a ranking system. Based upon the ranking system, ATM prioritized critical infrastructure projects needing immediate attention for resiliency efforts. The prioritization also considered project life cycle costs