Project Overview

ATM developed marina plans and innovative mangrove design concepts for a new resort along the North Sound of Grand Cayman.

Services Rendered

  • Coastal Resilience Strategy
  • Site Assessment
  • Concept Planning of Marina and Coastal Features
  • Field Work for Mangrove Ecological Assessment
  • Mangrove Restoration Design


ATM was originally engaged to provide marina expertise associated with the development of the subject property along the North Sound. As part of the effort, ATM uncovered a new value proposition for the site: a damaged mangrove buffer could be improved into a resort amenity and incorporated into a coastal protection scheme. ATM worked with resort planners to develop the marina plans and innovative mangrove design concepts.

ATM prepared an environmental restoration plan, including detailed analysis of grading plans, reconstruction of suitable ground elevations for mangrove development, selected reconfiguration of rock berm structure to restore hydraulic flows, and design of canals that could be used as kayak trails. The environmental restoration design also incorporated amenities such as boardwalks, decks, kayak docks, a bird observation tower, and the upland location of the interpretation center.


This project was selected as the only Caribbean project case study in the ULI publication: “Returns on Resilience: The Business Case.