Project Overview

ATM designed, permitted, and monitored the construction of a living shoreline/shoreline stabilization and passive park enhancement project.

Services Rendered

  • Surveying
  • Wind/wave studies
  • Design Alternatives
  • Permit Modifications
  • Final Design and Construction Documents
  • Construction Management
  • Grant Funding Assistance


ATM developed engineering alternatives to protect and enhance, through a living shoreline solution, more than 1,000 feet at the junction of the St. Lucie River and the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. While the primary goal of the project was to prevent further erosion along the waterfront park, the project was designed to create mangrove habitat and incorporate structures with a natural appearance that would provide picturesque views. Specific benefits, in addition to the structural protection, included the creation of wildlife habitat through native shoreline planting and educational and
recreational opportunities for the public.

In addition, ATM designed an aluminum sheet-pile bulkhead and two concrete/timber pedestrian piers as an upland amenities. ATM also provided assistance to the County to obtain Florida Inland Navigation District grant funding for a portion of the project design and construction costs.